60's Dragster more pics.

More pics of old Blunder Bus - it all started in the smallest garage, all we could afford.

This was our first 'lock-up garage', can't get much smaller.  I could sit there for hours, going Brrrrmm, Brrrrmm,

Note the genuine Proops Tacho. The 'wheel' was made by Brian, a pattern maker by trade, great job.
For trailering Blunder, we bought an old caravan chassis, it probably weighed 4 times what the dragster did.
We did move to a larger garage to finish her that even took the trailer as well.

Now for some more on the Crab -

This time I made my own trailer, it was needed. The garage was bigger but with no electric power
other than for lighting. So I had to trailer the chassis home evey time I needed to do any welding, only had
an arc/brazing set.
This lock-up was right in the middel of Rugby town centre, later to become the Clock Tower Shopping Centre..

 I even made the front axle, (Blunder used on old Ford Pop axle). It's amazing what you can do with an enormous
blowlamp and giant vice, (plus a lot of jumping up and down on a leaver).
The ally body panels were formed, (bent), using the back of the garage door, two pieces or 4x2 with a gap between.
and a piece of scaffolding pipe to press the ally into the gap. Well it worked, sort of.

She even had a 'braking chute', (government surplus small supplies/message chute), but by the time I remembered
to 'pop it', I had usually slowed too much so it used to just flop out on the track.

But it was all damn good fun at the time.

Here's a link to the only bit of old Blunder running at Sanat Pod, way back in 1967 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u3xTHF3U5Y

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